Seven Ways To Show Your Love

Seven Ways To Show Your Love ❤️


It’s easy to get distracted by daily routines, and even though you know you love your family, and I’m sure they know you love them, sometimes we can become too tied up in life to show it in the simplest ways that can make a huge difference to your relationships.

❤️  Surprise your husband each day with a verse from the bible written on a piece of card and put it in his lunch box. You could easily text but I think it’s more thoughtful to write it out, plus, sometimes if we are busy, we skim through our phone not really taking everything in.

❤️  Make time to pray for each other and your children before you leave the house in the mornings.

❤️  Listen to each other with patience.

❤️  When your children speak to you, try as much as possible to make eye contact and engage with them, or a simple touch to let them know you are connecting with them.

❤️  Make a prayer box with the children, and try to use it at least once a day when all the family are together.

❤️  When you walk into a room that a member of your family is in, give them a smile!

❤️  At the end of each day, ask each other if there is anything they need help with, and pray together.

Love one another as I have loved you

John 15:12



13 thoughts on “Seven Ways To Show Your Love

  1. I try to do many of these. I think praying/reading scripture out loud at dinner too is very helpful. I’ve done this over the years for my kids, and I think it helped save my husband.

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    1. I know, these things don’t always come naturally to us do they! Especially when we have so many things in life to distract us. ❤️


  2. Great ideas! I love the first one! Put a scripture in your husband’s lunchbox. My husband doesn’t take a lunch box but I can put a note on his things he gathers in the morning. This gave me a great idea. Connecting From Mommy Facebook page!
    Thank you! Jaime

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