The Daffodil

I picked up a bunch of daffodils today to pass on to my friend for being there when my children and I needed her. Last minute – (literally 15 minutes notice!) I knocked on her door and asked her to take my kids off me for a few hours so that I could deal with a situation. My husband was busy working, my mother and father in law who live near by were away and my parents live a good 5 hours away. What a blessing to have friends, really good friends who you know you can rely on to drop everything to help you out. Praise the Lord for friends!

Going back to the daffodils – aside from roses – daffodils are my favourite flowers, and the friend I bought them for told me exactly the same thing today!

Later, as I drove to collect the kids, the flowers lay down on the passenger seat beside me, closed up and ready to be dunked in a vase of water to replenish their thirst! Soon enough they will flourish and bloom into beautiful yellow flowers. How lovely they look – particularly when you see them all together brightly displayed along the grassy banks.

This afternoon I asked myself – why do I like daffodils so much? Apart from the colour. I realised that rather than the sole reason being to look at how beautiful they are once they have bloomed, it’s more about the way they flourish.

When you buy them, they are all closed up, hidden away waiting to be set free and opened up into a new, bright, colourful, flourishing flower.
What I love about them is watching them change. Watching each one open up, all individual and all growing at individual times, when you spot that little bit of yellow through the gap where the bud has started to open, then the next one and the next, until before you know it, they are all in full bloom!

When I was thinking about this, it took me to my relationship with Jesus. It reminded me of how we all grow as Christians individually, in different ways at different times according to God’s will. How wonderful that God created us all to be different! Before I became a Christian I had my eyes closed – I didn’t realise this until I began to search for God and understand more about Jesus, but – they were definitely closed! Just like the buds on the daffodils. Then, the more I drew near to God the more my thirst for him and I grew, like the daffodils being dunked in a vase full of water!

‘My soul thirsts for God’ (Psalm 42:2)

Gradually, my eyes opened up more, and more, and more…….. I began to flourish with God’s direction, and in HIS way. Until, eventually I came to be a new creation, and I am now set free, and continue to grow, to flourish, to see the world with my eyes opened, instead of closed up like a daffodil in a bud longing to bloom.

I will continue each day to pray for our children to flourish and bloom in Christ, to open their minds to hear the Lord, to look at the world around them with their eyes opened and for opportunities to show them how God works in our lives. I pray that God teaches my husband and me more and more the ways in which we can lead them to Christ and love them as Christ loves us. I pray that their minds are not closed to distractions but to recognise them and to take them captive to our Lord.

I pray that God draws near to them and shows them their path as he is showing my husband and me ours. I pray that our children are filled with laughter and joy and peace and filled with the knowledge that they too can be set free because of the sacrifice that has been made. I pray that they see the beautiful creations around them with their minds open to our Lord, I pray that they can look ‘outside’ of this world and see how much more there is to experience and learn and love. I pray for our children each day and begin with ‘Our Father in Heaven’ Amen.

One thought on “The Daffodil

  1. Wow! You remind me of me! That’s exactly the way I feel about my children and grandchildren and I could feel the immense LOVE you have in your heart for them. I also very much love your analogy of how a Christian blooms. Beautiful! Love it!


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