Inside Out


As a mother of two young children just 14 months apart, I sometimes feel like a ping pong ball! Can anyone relate? My husband works full time, running his own business, so really, it’s more hours than a 9-5 job. I am a nurse, but taking some time out of practice to bring up our children. Most definitely the best decision for us – one made by God of course.


So yes, some days I’m like a ping pong ball!


‘Mummy’ my daughter will say…….


‘Yes’ I respond …….


‘Can you…….’ She replies


Then the minute I’ve attended to her needs,


My son begins with




Sometimes it can be like this for much of the day, back and forth, ‘mummy’, ‘mum’, ‘mummy’, ‘mum’ and so it goes on!


I do feel blessed that I am right there when they need me, although I am also fully aware of the times when they are just trying to gain attention over one another! It’s not always this way. However, today was most definitely one of those days!


Firstly, I began the day by realising I had put my dress on back to front (to be fair there wasn’t that much difference between each side apart from the obvious seam that ran down the middle of the dress!!) I noticed this AFTER I stepped outside, and after I dropped my son off at nursery!


Did I learn from this, uhhhh, noooooo, of course not – this is me we are talking about after all. Believe me, I have had many many ‘Franisms’ in my time and the ones I share with you today are nothing in comparison! The second ‘Franism’ of the day was to put on my jumper inside out. I look down and again, there it is, that dreaded seam. I think to myself, ‘now my jumper is inside out, today – I am inside out!’


It’s one of those rainy days. After nursery the kids and I decide to watch a film – Jungle Book, this was my favourite when I was a little girl, along with Labyrinth, and the kids absolutely LOVE jumping around to balou bear singing ‘The Bare Necessities’. I just love to submerse myself into moments like this, seeing their happy little faces acting out the characters, dancing around and singing with no care in the world. Oh, how beautiful!


I’ve had a lot going on through my mind today – I’m fully aware each day that I need to find opportunities amongst looking after the kids to hear God. Today, the minute I reached out I suddenly found myself taking the children’s hands and saying the Lord’s Prayer with them. Something I started with my son recently, but today, almost spontaneously involving both children and encouraging them to say it with me. Well, it makes sense, I remember this being the first prayer I ever heard when I was a child, in school. After all, this is the prayer that Jesus told his disciples to pray. What an amazing starting point for a child, then as we grow we can expand on this, using The Lord’s Prayer to guide us. What a blessing that prayer can be at anytime, any place by anyone and we can say anything and God will hear us!


There is nothing better than knowing you’ve managed to spend time with God in prayer during a day full of distractions, particularly when the kids have been involved, wow!


Towards the end of the day, I’m beginning to lose my patience a little. The tiredness is starting to kick in, and what do I find? my prayer card called ‘A Prayer for Patience’ drowning by the side of the sink, having fallen from the shelf above. I pick it up to stick it on the radiator and see another opportunity. I read the prayer and am reminded of the things that will draw me away from the spiral of negativity and help me focus once again on the time when I was watching the kids dancing around and singing joyfully. I must remember the importance of making time for listening, love and laughter. I sometimes wonder – why do we need reminding of these things – but then I remember, it’s another way that we can draw near to God.


Singing joyfully – there seems to be a theme of singing joyfully that has been running through my day.


It comes to the end of the day, my little girl is tucked up in bed, after story time, a cuddle, our song and prayer, plus of course her coming back out of her room 3 times after this before finally falling asleep!


My son is quite happily playing in his room for a time, and I take a moment. I love taking a moment!! I’m stood in the kitchen and all of a sudden – there is peace. Then, I am drawn to the perfect sound of birds singing outside. I smile, and walk towards my window. It looks miserable outside, but that doesn’t matter, because I can hear the beautiful sound of the birds. I am reminded of God’s creation and of the singing of God’s praises. I am then taken to the Song of Solomon.


‘The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land’ (Song of Songs 2:12)


How wonderful!


I end the day by making a car with my son in his bedroom and having that one to one time with him, seeing his joyful face as mummy ATTEMPTS to put the pieces together!!! I’d much rather NOT be able to make the perfect car for him, just so I can see that smile on his face, than to quickly put the pieces together.



4 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Haha, I can relate to the inside out! When my husband was still a youth pastor we had a one hour drive to our church. With a newborn baby especially, things were always frantic on Sunday mornings. Sometimes I would step into the bathroom shortly after arriving to wash baby spitup off of my clothes just to discover – oh horror! – that my shirt was inside out! One day I happened to look down as we were getting in the car and realized I was wearing two different shoes!

    I love that little reminder God gave you in the middle of your frantic day. Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! You really did make me laugh – I’m glad it’s not just me. The shoes!! Thanks for reading ❤️


  2. You had me at “ping pong ball!” How all us Mothers can relate! Taking the time hear and see God in our daily moments is a must to stay close to him! Thank you for that reminder!


  3. Yip, I can relate. My first two boys are 19months apart and my baby is 27 months apart from the middle boy. Although, I’m not the most patient lately. I love your story of how your prayer card on patience was drowning in the sink. It seemed to resemble how you may have been feeling at that moment. I really could relate to that because I often feel like I’m drowning. Thanks for such a beautiful post. I love how God helped you get through the day and end it on a good note.


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