Healing Worship

Devout christian worshipping with cross in hand



Last night I went to my first worship evening. I didn’t really know what the night held for me other than knowing that I was going to be singing and worshiping the Lord. What I didn’t expect was to experience something that quite literally left me feeling so close to God I could almost touch him.


The room was lit with candles and there were a small number of people waiting to worship our saviour, our King, our comforter, our all in all. There was a lead vocalist playing the guitar and another vocalist to the side.


The evening began with the beautiful Psalm 100 then went straight into worship. The music was much like the worship music I like to listen to in my car – but I can never truly let go in my car because,


1. I have two children in the car with me, and


2. When I let go I like to close my eyes, and obviously that’s not something that would be recommended whilst driving!


Don’t get me wrong, if I have no kids with me, yes, the music is up full and if I could dance in the car seat I would, but there is also the safety aspect when driving!


What I saw in worship was that there was no rule. You could dance, stand, sit on the chair, or the floor, lay down, whatever you felt you wanted to do.


My night of worship took me to my chair and prayerfully listening to the words. After some time, God began to speak to me, he knew I’d been grieving recently and tonight I could hear him so clearly and I was ready to be healed. He reassured me my baby was safe. The tears flowed down my cheeks. I could hear the word ‘healing’. At that point I knew that I was in a place of healing.



After this I stood with my eyes closed and again prayerfully listened to the words, but this time singing my heart out, joyfully praising the Lord and thanking him for all that he has done for us. In that moment I was lifted, I felt as light a a feather, I held out my hands and could almost touch Jesus. The experience was one that I had never felt before, since becoming a Christian.


Being a busy mum, running a house and looking after my family, this was a place that I had been longing for. I always find opportunities throughout the business of the day to hear God, reach out to him, draw near to him, seek him, and each of those moments have been uniquely perfect. Going to church on Sunday is uniquely perfect and I look forward to every single service. The preaching that has a level of teaching, real emotion and passion that draws me near to God and inspires me every time. The music, (not just because my husband plays the drums in the band!) the fellowship, my beautiful friends and family, hearing the children pray and run around joyfully together after the service, but tonight’s worship was something different.


I was able to escape from everything. It was just me and the Lord! No distractions, even though there were others in the room, I was on my own, I could meditate, I could move into a place that filled my soul right up to the brim. Feed my soul, satisfy my thirst and be in a place where I could open my mind completely and hear God.


Praise the Lord ❤️

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