image    Someday

Be patient,

Someday they won’t want you to tuck them in,

Someday they won’t jump up and down when you tell them they can have an icecream,

Someday they won’t hide behind your leg when they meet an unfamiliar face,

Someday they will leave the house and slam the door without a kiss,

Someday they may not even want a cuddle!

Someday they will tell you they don’t need your help,

Someday the dancing you do in your living room with them now, will make them run in their bedrooms,

Someday being on their own in their bedroom will be their favourite place – instead of following you around room to room,

Someday that song you sing at bed time or the CD you sing together in the car will be a memory you hold in your heart,

Be patient, because…….

Someday the tantrums on the floor will stop,

The food that’s thrown on the floor will not continue,

They will sleep all night and right through the day!

If you train them well……..

The tea will be brought to you!

They will flourish, they will grow,

They will open our eyes to a whole new world!

Be patient now,

They will soon grow.

image      Someday

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2 thoughts on “Someday

  1. I miss my children when they were little, their arms around my neck, their cuddles. They are all grown now, 2 still live with me and I still have to pick up after them! LOL! God Bless!

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