God given Grace


Before I started to write this article I had been thinking about Grace, and started to ask myself, how would I define Grace? I was also reflecting on how Grace would reveal itself at home with my husband and children, and how I would recognise those times. I prayed and asked God to guide me through my writing – then interrupted in prayer my son called me. He seemed to be quite unsettled and said that he ‘really needed to speak to me right now.’


I went upstairs to find that he was holding a big chunky black crayon, the crayon would normally have paper around it, but as my son began to explain the urgency to why he really ‘needed’ to speak to me – I could see that the black crayon had covered the palms of his hands…..


all was beginning to be revealed.


‘Mum, I’ve taken the paper off the crayon and…….’


Then three little words followed,


‘I’m sorry but……’


He’s only 4 years old, and I was so proud that he came to me to explain, I could sort of predict what was coming next. He’d either got the black crayon on his bedroom floor or the wall. It wouldn’t be the first time! I could see those big round blue eyes looking at me, then glancing back to his bedroom, then looking at me again. You could see that he didn’t quite know how I would respond, he trusted that I would be kind but also knew that there was a possibility that I might get a bit upset with him – but he made the choice all by himself to tell me the truth and be honest and open with me about what had happened.


He went on to explain that he had drawn on the door with the black crayon. Holding a t-shirt he had found on his bedroom floor he proceeded to tell me that he had tried his best to rub it off but couldn’t!


I looked at the crayon – then looked at his little face and him holding the t-shirt that he had used to desperately try and remove the crayon. I took his arms, knelt down to his level, looked at him straight in the eyes and said thank you for being such an honest little boy and telling mummy the truth and saying sorry.


I then said he could do that jigsaw that he’d been wanting to do.


It was at this point that I realised – that was Grace! God had answered my prayers by showing me exactly how Grace is applied in the home.


Oh the joy in my son’s face!


God gives us Grace in the same way.  He doesn’t want us to hide away our sins, run from our wrong. He knows them all anyway! God wants us to come to him as our father, we as his children, tell him what we are struggling with, what we might have done wrong, ask for his help, his guidance and most of all his forgiveness. By doing so, he gives us Grace! He will bless us! ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLE!!!! I know from my own repentance and confession that once you trust in the Lord, just as my son trusted me, you will come out the other side joyful and praising God from his Grace and merciful ways.

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