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Hi, I’m Francesca. I am a wife, mother, freelance writer and qualified nurse. I write to encourage in motherhood and family life with faithful steps.

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Over the last couple of days the word ‘kindness’ has been going round and round in my head. I really need to get into the parts of it that run deeper than the surface of the meaning. What comes to your mind when you think of kindness? The definition the dictionary gives is ‘the quality […]

‘The Healing’ Book Review

‘The Healing’ is a debut novel written by Joy Margetts, published by instant apostle.  As a blogger writing about Faithful Steps, I was delighted to write a review about ‘The Healing’. The story guides the reader through the journey of a man taking his faithful steps along a path of life changing experiences and events. It is a captivating and […]

Forgiveness is

Forgiveness is….. About seeing things from the perspective of another, Taking a step towards healing and battling through the hurt and bitterness even if your feelings are telling you otherwise, Remembering and trusting God’s plans are for good and He is fulfilling His plans in ways we don’t always see or understand, Forgiveness is remembering […]

person holding a green plant

As your children grow

As your children grow,   Pour your light into their hearts and minds,  Turn their hearts towards you,  As you say in your word, ‘Let the little children come.’  As your children grow, let the fruits of the spirit overflow,  Grow them as a good tree would grow,  As your children grow let us be intentional […]


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