Family Prayers


Prayers for families throughout the world.

22nd February 2020

Lord, in a world where everything is so easy for our children to reach, we pray that you would protect them. As parents, help us to be a reflection of your light, to guide our children in this world with wisdom. We pray that they would have thankful hearts, hearts that desire the right way, hearts that desire to live without selfish ambition. Protect our children from the subtle deceits of the world that drive them away from your light. Give them sound minds, with strength, courage, boldness and self control. Keep them from confusion. As parents, keep your love tied between us, connecting us and uniting us together. Lord, thank you for your love, love that conquers all, deep love that surpasses all understanding which is so much more powerful and greater than the darkness in the world. Amen

21st February 2020

Heavenly Father, thank you for our families, thank you for blessing us with beautiful children, nieces and nephews. Lord Jesus, we love you and we want to do your will for our families today.

Purify our hearts this day Lord, lead us not into temptation, deliver us from the enemy. Give us this day our daily bread. Please lead us and guide us, take us by the hand and walk us through all that is ahead of us in this day. You know our needs, so we cast our cares on you now Lord because we trust you and know that by your grace and new mercy you have us in your arms today. Give us the words to teach our children, the eyes see them as you see them and overflowing love and fruit in our hearts.

Bring your light into our homes, in our jobs, wherever we are today Lord, please be at the centre of each family situation today Lord. We pray for all the families all over the world today, whatever situation they face, that they would know your light and your light would shine over any darkness that attempts to steal away joy in their hearts and minds this day. We love you with all our hearts and minds and souls Jesus. Let that be known to all. Amen.