Leek, Potato and Bacon Soup

http://www.flourishing-families.com Leek, Potato and Bacon Soup


A very simple classic soup, with the added taste of bacon.

This is what my kids got up to with some left over potatoes whilst I made the soup!


Ingredients – 4 large potatoes, 4 leeks, 2 vegetable stock cubes, reduced fat unsmoked bacon pieces, reduced fat creme fraiche (a spoonful mixed into the soup when serving).

To make:

Peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes and leeks into chunks. Wash well. Put into a pan, cover with water and add the vegetable stock cubes.

This makes a large amount of soup so you may need to use two pans.

Boil the vegetables until soft.

Transfer into a bowl, leave it to cool.

Whilst the soup is cooling, fry the bacon pieces.

Blend the soup together, add water depending on how you like your soup.

Add the cooked bacon pieces at the end.

Add creme fraiche according to taste.


I didn’t escape the paint!





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